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Names & Notes (Palo Alto Weekly, Friday, July 22, 1994)
HIGH NOTES . . . The Palo Alto-based El Camino Youth Symphony returned triumphantly from a New York City concert tour a few weeks ago, having performed at some pretty prestigious venues, including Lincoln Center and the United Nations. Young musicians from Palo Alto who joined the 100-member ensemble on the New York trip were: Greg Ammen, Melissa Anchan, Alton Atkinson, Aaron Brodkin, Karen Chuang, Jeremy Clemenson, Aly Eisenhardt, Mike Espar, Jeremy Erman, Diana Juan, John Kilcline, Mara Kronick, Jean Lai, Nailni Rao, Nicole Reich-Weiser, Ben Salsbury, Josh Salsbury, Hilary Selden, Andy Sinton, Sara Spieth, Joanna Street, Jerome Tsui, Katie Wang, Kristy Wang, Mike Wilson, Ben Woodhams, Catherine Wu, Anglea Xu and Yisha Zhang.

Flying High Again (Betsy Hunton, Palo Alto Weekly, Friday, Aug. 14, 1998)
...many, perhaps most, of the actors come from years of experience in the Children's Theatre system. Jeremy and Jonathan Erman, 21-one-year-old fraternal twins, have been regulars since they were nine. Both are already in the early stages of professional theater careers. Jeremy points out that Wingspread serves as a goal to the younger groups who "aspire" to be in the more sophisticated productions.

Raising the Orchestral Bar (Brian McCoy, Stockton Record, Dec. 13, 2002)
“If you do a program from the strengths of the orchestra, you can really do some astonishing projects....They will really go at it,” Waldvogel said. “The result will be invigorating and so much fun.”

Violinist Jeremy Erman agreed. The senior from Palo Alto noted the program Waldvogel initially conceived included a still-bracing but less challenging Brahms’ work.

Strolling Down Memory Lane (Jeanie Forte, Palo Alto Weekly, Friday, January 21, 2005)
The group was ably supported by two live musicians on stage: Jonathan Erman on piano (alternating with his brother, Jeremy) and Danny Min on bass. They did such a great job you hardly knew they were there, even though they played practically non-stop the entire show.

Worth a Look/Music/Chamber Concert (Palo Alto Weekly, Vol. 27, Number 46. Friday, March 10, 2006)
Princesses, pianos and Prokofiev people this Saturday’s concert put on by the Palo Alto Philharmonic. The program for the 8 p.m. concert includes Jeremy Erman’s “The Twelve Dancing Princesses: A Fairy-Tale for 7 Players,” several pieces for piano trio, and Prokofiev’s first string quartet, “String Quartet #1, Op. 50.” The music plays at the Palo Alto Art Center Auditorium at 1313 Newell Road.

Operetta, Bollywood-style (Jeanie Forte, Palo Alto Weekly, Vol. 28, Number 12. Friday, November 17, 2006)
Music director Jeremy Erman gets a very capable sound from both the orchestra and the ensemble

The Ogre Awards (Enid Davis, Knowledge Quest, Volume 36, No. 5. May/June 2008)
This year, I tried my hand at writing original music. It was very satisfying....I send a big thanks to musician Jeremy Erman who has the magical powers of taking my taped songs and transcribing them to paper.

The Stanford Savoyards present The Sorcerer (TheatrePR,, April 4, 2013)
Directed by Jeremy Erman and Sharon Beltracchi, long-time Savoyards veterans, this musical fantasy provides delightful delusion where nothing is quite as it seems: helpful-seeming friends may turn out to be servants of dark powers; enchanted spirits lurk at the edges of the village, eager to be set free; and a simple cup of tea may bring everlasting love...or everlasting sorrow.

A New Style of 'Jeans!' (Kaila Prins, Palo Alto Online, May 17, 2018)
Just over two years ago, Yacowitz, Claerbout and Davis updated their play and turned it into a full musical.

Davis approached her pianist friend Jeremy Erman to help her arrange some original melodies. Together they wrote 14 songs.